The Unicorn Whisperer

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You need to appreciate and feel grateful every chance you get,  said the unicorn.   The knights are not chasing us now, we do not have to ride in the rain, your journey is going smoothly . . . all of this . . . and more . . . you should feel grateful for.
Are you grateful?
  asked Ipona.
Unicorns are always grateful,   said the unicorn.   We are grateful for every blade of grass, a cool breeze on a hot day, and a gentle hand on the reins.   Unicorns are so grateful, we could be the symbol for gratitude!
Does gratitude make you happy?
  asked Ipona.
Gratitude feeds the soul,  said the unicorn.   It gives me a warm feeling inside and makes that which I am appreciating that much better.   Gratitude feels good.
You're remarkably wise for,   um,   an animal,
  said Ipona.
Unicorns are not animals,   said the unicorn.   We are mystical creatures of the universe.   We are born wise, as we have all the memories of all our ancestors passed along at birth.
  said Ipona,   wow.