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Click here to read entire review on Amazon

Click here to read entire review on Amazon

On her blog page, Liz Christy, writes this about Unicorn Whisperer: "I recently had the privilege of reading a wonderful little book called The Unicorn Whisperer by Jerri Lincoln . . . The Unicorn Whisperer is a wonderful story that weaves Deepak's Seven Spiritual Principles into a great tale of a princess and her magical unicorn.

Along the way [the princess] meets several people and situations that emphasize the message by Deepak Chopra and gives thoroughly enjoyable and understandable situations in which these principals are demonstrated. In this hustle and bustle world it is so easy to overlook common situations in life where we may learn or apply such teqniques and this charming little book teaches us through the art of storytelling how we might be more aware of times we can be grateful, give and receive good gifts and how they affect our lives and psyche.

This is a well written and thoughtful book that speaks to us on a conscious level about how we live our day to day lives and how we can enrich ourselves as well as the lives of those around us."