The Unicorn Whisperer

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Jerri Lincoln has been a storyteller and writer since she was young. After publishing three non-fiction books on yoga, this is her first published fictional piece.

In 2007, she spent a week meditating with Deepak Chopra in Whistler, BC at the Seduction of Spirit seminar. This is where she learned primordial sound meditation. She went on to become a Chopra Center certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher.

In 2008, Jerri spent three months in spiritual India. It was a life-altering experience for her. She became immersed in the culture by hanging out with street magicians, cobras, street vendors, and people she met on the street. Everyone touched her with their sincerity and friendliness . . . the children made her laugh . . . and the beggars tore at her heart.

Shortly after returning from mystical, intoxicating India, and inspired by Deepak Chopra, she wrote The Unicorn Whisperer.